Wednesday, 21st of March, 2018


This is the 4th edition of the Tasmanian Law Handbook and the first online version of the Handbook. It has been a decade since the 3rd edition, and in that time we have observed substantial change in a range of Tasmanian laws, and an increasing embrace of national uniformity in various areas of the law.

The production of this new edition has relied heavily on the efforts of a number of people for updating text relevant to Tasmania, as well as on the cooperation of, in particular, Fitzroy Legal Service for updated text for nationally uniform areas of the law, and the ACT Online Law Handbook. We would like to express special appreciation to the Fitzroy Legal Service for their generosity in sharing their text in the national areas of Employment, Superannuation, Centrelink, Internet Law, and Taxation, and the ACT Online Law Handbook for the Consumer Law and Contracts chapters.

Numerous people have also contributed to the Handbook in a variety of roles. We would like to thank Bernie Reade for her administrative and liaising skills, Ian Humble and the team at Digital Ink for website development and patience during the long upload process, and the members of the Tasmanian Law Handbook sub-Committee – Marion Clarke, Anne Horner, Jane Hutchison, Chris Webster, and Bernie Reade for their time and many contributions. 

We would like to thank the editors, Dashini Elankovan and Dinesh Loganathan, the head editor – Lucy Smejkal (nee de Vreeze) for their contributions. But most of all, we would like to thank the generous authors from the ACT and Fitzroy Handbooks:

  • Dr Nicholas Seddon for his chapters on Contracts and Consumer Law
  • Elizabeth Beale for her chapter on Internet law
  • Craig Dowling and Neill Campbell for their chapter on federal Employment Law
  • Peter Rozen for his chapter on OH&S, which served as a template for Tasmanian OH&S
  • Michael Freedman and Rehana Chowdry for their chapter on Social Security
  • Daniel Smedley for his chapter on Taxation Law
  • Paul Bingham for his chapter on Superannuation

We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the many local contributors who gave generously of their time and knowledge to make this edition of the Handbook possible. These people are:

  • Magistrate Chris Webster at the Hobart Magistrates Court for his vision and insight.
  • Marion Clarke at the Hobart Magistrates Court, for her tireless and multi-talented work on the Handbook
  • Craig Mackie and Jonathon McCarthy at Mackie Crompton Law Firm
  • Stuart Oldfield and Mark Mason at Youth Justice
  • Debra Rigby, President of the Mental Health Tribunal
  • Jane Hutchison, Manager of the Hobart Community Legal Service (HCLS)
  • Anne Horner, of the Handbook sub-committee, for her extraordinary contributions to the Handbook
  • Irene Tiang from the HCLS
  • Jason Wright from HCLS, with a special thanks to Jason for sharing his in-depth knowledge of Australian anti-discrimination law
  • Dr Christine Beuermann from the University of Tasmania, Law Faculty
  • Professor Dianne Nichol from the University of Tasmania, Law Faculty
  • Kiki Mussared from the University of Tasmania, Law Faculty
  • Dr Olivia Rundle from the University of Tasmania, Law Faculty
  • John Green LLB from Green Solicitors
  • Lindi Wall and Deputy Ombudsman Richard Connock from the Tasmanian Ombudsman Office
  • Dale Webster at Justice Tasmania
  • Julie McIntyre, Deparment of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • Jess Feehely from the Environmental Defenders’ Office (EDO)
  • Jeff Dunn, President of BikeTas
  • Mary McParland, Executive Officer of Cycling South
  • Craig Elliott from the Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE)
  • Ben Bartl at the Tenants’ Union
  • Jeanette Lewis and Rachael Andrews at Housing Tasmania, DHHS
  • Bruce Paterson, Legislative Review and Legal Support Strategic Control, Workforce and Regulations, DHHS
  • Heather Sculthorpe, CEO, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
  • Greg Barns from Michael Kirby Chambers and Prison Action and Reform Group Inc
  • Robyn Rumbold, Butler, McIntyre and Butler
  • Carey Higgins, Murdoch Clarke
  • The Hon. John White, at the Hobart Community Legal Service
  • Pip Shirley, at the DHHS, for her invaluable guidance with Youth Justice
  • Greg Todd, for his helpful corrections and information on Privacy
  • Mr Chris Rice, the principal solictor at the Hobart Community Legal Service for his help with administrative law

Final thanks must go to Austlii and ComLaw - the two legal websites that have been used here for links to legislation and case law.


This does not constitute legal advice and the Tasmanian Law Handbook should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. No responsibility is accepted for any loss, damage or injury, financial or otherwise, suffered by any person acting or relying on information contained in it or omitted from it.