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What is an Ombudsman?
Ombudsman Offices
State and Federal Ombudsmen Offices
What Can the Ombudsman Investigate?
Complaining to the Ombudsman
Conduct of Investigations
Complaints Against Police
The Energy Ombudsman: Tasmania
Freedom of Information and the Right to Information
Commonwealth - Freedom of Information
Tasmania - Right to Information
Right to Information in Tasmania
Commonwealth Legislation
Requests for Information
Freedom of Information Decisions
Nature of the Information
Right to Information Applications
Review and Complaint
Right to Information Decisions
Review of Decisions
Whistleblower Legislation
Tasmania - Privacy
Commonwealth - Privacy
Privacy Principles
Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (Tas)
Protecting Private Information
Criminal Procedure Legislation
Complaints - Privacy
What does the Privacy Act mean to consumers?
Other Privacy Legislation
Complaints - Privacy
Metadata retention
Administrative Law - Challenging Government Decisions
Administrative Law and Review
What is Administrative Law?
A Summary of the Means of Review
Who Has Standing to Appeal a Reviewable Decision?
What Administrative Decisions Can I Review?
Some things to consider
Who Makes What Decision?
What is Which Review?
The Importance of Time Limitations
Keeping It Out of Court
Outcomes of a review or reconsideration
Judicial Review
Merits Review
Ombudsmen - Tasmania and Commonwealth
Commonwealth Review Processes
Commonwealth Small Taxation Claims Tribunal
Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Commonwealth Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT)
Tasmanian Review Processes
A brief overview of the main Tasmanian review processes
Supreme Court of Tasmania
Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) Review
Grounds for Judicial Review
Challenging Methods or Procedures
Challenging the Reasons for a Decision