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The Law
How to Use This Handbook
What is the Law?
The Constitution
The Common Law
Where the Common law Comes From
Interpreting the Common Law
How legislation is made
Legislation vs Common Law
Interpreting legislation
Finding the Law
Primary and secondary sources
Finding case law and legislation
Law Libraries in Tasmania
Law Reform
The Court System
The Jury System
The Courts
The Commonwealth Courts
Federal Circuit Court
The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court
The High Court
Commonwealth Tribunals, Commissions and Boards
The Federal Court
The State Courts of Tasmania
The Supreme Court of Tasmania
The Magistrates Court
State Tribunals, Commissions and Boards
Aspects of Crime and Punishment
What is Crime?
Crimes vs Civil Wrongs
Which Court?
Fundamental Legal Rights
Hearing a charge against you: magistrates
Guilty/Not Guilty
Appearing in Court
Criminal Penalties for Indictable Offences
Appeals in the Supreme Court
Coroner's Court
Legal Representation
Offences tried by Judge and Jury: Indictable Offences
Preparation for the Trial
Preliminary Proceedings
Laying A Charge
Plea of Guilty
Procedure for Defended Hearings
The Court's Verdict
Appeals in the Magistrates Court
Legal Assistance
Legal Assistance Overview
Court or Mediation?
Legal Help
Alternatives to Lawyers and Courts
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Magistrates Court mediation
Advantages of Mediation
Who Offers Mediation in Tasmania?
How to Use a Mediation Service
The Law Society of Tasmania
The Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania
Community Legal Services
General Assistance & Casework
Community Legal Education
Law Reform & Advocacy
Hobart Community Legal Service
Launceston Community Legal Centre
North-West Community Legal Centre
Your Nearest CLC
Environmental Defenders Office
Tenants Union of Tasmania
Women's Legal Service
Consumer Advice Services
The Legal Profession
The Regulatory Framework
Qualifications to Practice
Professional Conduct
Legal Profession Board
Legal Remedies - Complaints against Lawyers
Lawyers’ Remedies
Time Limits
Civil Litigation
Preparing a Case
What Happens in the Case Itself
Factors to Take Into Account in Self-Representation
Checklist for Self-Representation
Self Representation in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court
Legal Glossary