Where agreement is reached for payment of the debt by installments, it is possible for the Small Claims Court to order, with the consent of the creditor, that a debt be paid by installments (rule 76Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules 1998 (Tas)). It would also be able to do so where the creditor accepted a consent to judgment containing an installment proposal and applied for judgment (rule 114, Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules).

If a debtor fails to pay the debt the court may enter judgment for the claimant (creditor). In granting the judgment the court must have proof that the terms of the debt have been given in writing to the debtor and the debt has not been paid (rule 79, Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Rules). The other situation in which an order for payment by installments can be made is if the court is dealing with a judgment summons under the Debtors Act 1870 (Tas).

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