It is an offence to possess cannabis, to smoke it, to supply it to others, or to possess pipes or other items for use in connection with the preparation or smoking of cannabis, or for the supply or preparation of the drug. The Act does not have different penalties for individual drugs. In each case, a penalty is provided for particular acts related to a specific category as defined in the Misuse of Drugs Act. In general, minor offences in relation to cannabis would be treated much more leniently than say heroin.

There are also a number of property-related offences involving cannabis and other drugs. Under the Poisons Act (s83B), if a person owns or occupies premises, it is an offence to be used for or in connection with the unlawful growing, manufacture, preparation, sale, distribution, trafficking, use, or administration of a raw narcotic, narcotic substance, prohibited plant, or prohibited substance. It is an offence simply to possess a pipe for smoking cannabis, and other implements and devices used in connection with prohibited substances, including devices for its preparation.

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